Interview: Rock Rage Magazine

Rock Rage: How and when did Entrophy start?

Nate: Boredom on a trash day…. We found our first set of drums in a pile of garbage.

Roach: Yeah, it basically took off from there… That was back in what, ’94? We started to slowly learn our instruments from that point on, and here we are…

Rock Rage: What are the names of everyone in the group and what do they do?

Roach: I am Roach McKrackin… I do vocals, play guitar, write songs and do PR… And drugs… Don’t forget drugs…

Ludwig: My name is Ludwig Von Retard… I play drums, what the hell else do I do?

Nate: Well I don’t really do much of anything…

Roach: Don’t forget the drugs…

J. Entrophy: I play bass and book lots of shows, I also write a song or two.

Rock Rage: Can you tell us something about your cd and new 7″?

Nate: Um… Not unless you pay me.

J. Entrophy: The CD was recorded on a 4-track that took my a couple months to buy. I really did not have any money at the time because I was working for my parents while there business was failing, but I did my best to save a dollar here, or five there, I would skip breakfast lunch and dinner, and use the money instead to buy that machine. I also traded in a old shitty pair of drums, and Nate was able to talk the price down alot. It was cool recording because we had a friend who had all these mics and cables, so that saved us a bit of money. It was all done in Roach’s basment.

The 7″ was done by Bill from Toxic Narcotic at his home studio, which was very educational experiance becuase I never realized how many little things can create big problems for us. All the songs on the 7″ are songs from the CD but they sound so much better re-record that we just had to re-release them.

Roach: Well, first of all, I really don’t want to talk about recording the CD… But like J said, recording the 7″ was definately a learning experiance… It’s mostly done live, and I’m very happy to say there are maybe only 3 overdubs across 6 songs, instrument wise… And I didn’t have to overdub any of my vocals… Nathan, on the hand… well, that’s another story.

Rock Rage: What songs are on them?

Nate: Our songs….

J: Disaster Stikes songs.

Roach: Yeah J, I bet you wish it was a Disaster Strikes cover album… But seriously, ‘Whatcha Gonna Do?’ is the title track… Everyone seems to like it… It’s our generic anti-police song… The other tracks are ‘Break It Up, Burn It Down!’ which is our generic punk rock riot song, ‘Cloven Boots’ which is our generic anti-religion song and 10 Kid Army…. I dunno what it’s about, even though I wrote it…

Rock Rage: Have you had a release party for the 7″?

Nate: Ya, J made me skip the Up In Smoke tour to play it, even though he didn’t advertise for it cuz he is a real dumb fuck…..

Roach: You know, there wern’t many people there, and we didn’t sell jack shit, but I had a good fuckin’ time… And we met some really cool kids from NJ who are in a band called Random Task… You should definately check ’em out.

J: Yeah, it was kind of a low point because I waited much too long to get good bands and to advertize for the show; Lets just say for all intents and purposes. At the same time it was really taught me alot.

Rock Rage: What type of music would you say that you play?

Nate: Polka

J: Death Rock Polka

Roach: Imagine this…. Imagine being sodomized by a large dog… And imagine being beat over the head with a sledgehammer at the same time… And imagine your mom looking at all of this and laughing… None of that is anything like what our music is like… it’s more like a slow polka type thing…

Ludwig: Actually, it’s snotty punk rock that everyone loves to hate.

Rock Rage: Do you find the Boston scene supportive?

Ludwig: I guess so.

Nate: No, every one hates us.

J: Alot of people people hate us, the petty scenesters mostly, but because they bitch about us so often our name has been spread around like fruit seeds in their shit. At the same time there are alot of people who like us because just because we are who we are and they really truly like our music. Alot of people like the fact that we are not in it for fashion or fashionable causes, or to be on the cover of Subain Voice. Rather it has been all for fun.

Roach: Damn straight! The haters hate us, and everyone else loves us… There are maybe 20 kids in Boston who don’t like us… It just so happens that those are the 20 loudest mouths in the ‘scene’, Ya know? But all in all, I’ve found playing to be very rewarding, and all of the compliments, friends and fun I’ve had more then make up for the bullshit I put up with as being a part of ‘du du dum…’ Entrophy

Rock Rage: Has your web site given you any more of a fan base?

Ludwig: Yes.

Roach: Absolutely. First off, I’d like to say that Entrophy is proud to maintain their own website, which you can check out at I made it myself, without any help from anyone, unlike most bands who hire flashy design firms, which is all well and good, but at the same time cheapens the integrety of the band to a minor extent. I mean, if you’re computer literate, use your knowledge! Anyhow, we’ve met a lot of great people from everywhere… I must have contact with at least one person in every state, as well as a few foriegn countries, so yes, I definately think our webpage has helped us get known.

Nate: What’s a “webpage”?

J: What is a fan base?

Rock Rage: Where did you come up with the name Entrophy for your band?

Nate: That was the name of my aunts cousins nephews pet newt…..

J: I think it is some penis desease Roach caught because he has not been circumsized.

Roach: I’m sorry, Justin is just jeleous that he had half of his cock chopped off by an old wrinkly man with a large knife. Anyhow, being the geek that I am, the name Entrophy came from a science textbook. It’s proper spelling is E-N-T-R-O-P-Y, and it’s a term that means chaos in a system and/or society. I feel it’s very fitting and our misspelling of it just goes to prove the meaning of the whole thing.

Rock Rage: Have you gotten a good response from your CDs?

Roach: Yeah, we’ve gotten a good response… We’ve sold about 200 CDs so far, which isn’t bad considering they were all hand made by us and our friends. We even managed to get a bad review in Suburban Voice and a good reviewe on I can’t say I’m incredibly happy with the way the basement recording turned out, but it’s still better then some of the stuff out there…

Nate: Ya, the sound quality is so-so.

J: Yeah, about 10 kids at the front of the stage at every show try to take my microphone away to sing the songs.

Ludwig: Yeah

Rock Rage: I guess that’s about it, do you have anything else that we should know about you guys?

Ludwig: We don’t suck dick for coke… yet!

Nate: I have a big cock.

J: I have a big cock also, but my ass is really small.

Roach: Both Nate and J may have bigger cocks than me, but it goes without saying that I’m the best fuck in the band, hands down.

Rock Rage: Thanks for the interview and everyone should keep an eye out for Entrophy!!!

Nate: Ya, or else

Roach: Damn Straight! And remember, I am Roach McKrackin, Mutha Fucka, and I am everything your mama warned you about! I have the sex, the drugs, the booze and anything else you can think of, and when I come to your town, after the dust settles and you pull your pink frilly panties out of your ass, it’s then you’ll realize that I’m the one in the spotlight with the drooling teenage groupies while you’re left to go slink back under your rock, lying naked in a pile of your own shit, jerking off to pictures of your dead, naked grandmother getting fucked up the ass sideways by Fluffy the Rabid Poodle… Goddamn, I’ve always wanted to say that…

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