About Entrophy

Entrophy formed in late ’94, and has been actively spewing out their own brand of snotty pogo-punk into the South Shore & Boston music scenes since sometime in 1996. They’re a four-piece operation, with Roach McKrackin on lead guitar & vocals, J. Entrophy on bass, Ludwig Von Varnish on drums and Masternate doing… um… uh… um, whatever it is that he does.

Roach and J. share the songwriting duties, and they have spread their gospel of punk playing live shows all over New England and the East Coast.

Entrophy has three releases to their name. Their CD “Drinkin’ & Other Punk Rock Clichés” showcases their earlier work, and was recorded entirely in their practice space on a 4-Track tape deck. “Whatcha Gonna Do?”, their first attempt in a professional studio breathes new life into their strongest songs from their illustrious career. It was recorded at Rodent Popsicle Studios in Allston MA, and was produced and engineered by none other then the infamous Toxic Bill Damon. It can be found in many small record shops along the South Shore, as well as some larger chain stores in Massachusetts. Also to be found is “Scabies, Lice & Everything Nice”, which is a compilation of studio tracks from “Whatcha Gonna Do?” as well as other, previously unreleased tracks from that same session, and six live tracks recorded at live shows all around MA.