Interview: Rapid Detox, Issue #1

Rapid Detox: How long have you guys been together?

Roach: Oh man, longer then I remember… But of course, that could mean anytime before yesterday…
But seriously, probably about seven or eight years ago… We started learning our instruments…
Had a name… had original songs.. since around ’94…. We played basement parties and shit around then…
Played our first club gig in Octber of ’96, so almost 4 years to the day.

Ludwig Von Varnish: Yeah, about 7 years

J. Entrophy: I don’t think I had pubic hair at the time.

Roach: That’s a very intersting fact there, J.

Rapid Detox: What kind of reputation do you think you have?

Ludwig: Not the greatest, but not so bad…

J: Who the fuck cares.

Roach: “I don’t give a damn ’bout my reputation” – Joan Jett

Rapid Detox: What made you guys want to start a punk band?

J: We wanted to get laid. Stupid us.

Roach: Hey man, speak for yourself…

Ludwig: I honestly dont know, I wasn’t in the band at that point.

Rapid Detox: What is your drug/drink of choice?

Ludwig: Pot
J: I hate pot and booze for the most part, but I particular fondness for speed…
not street speed, but stuff like ritalin, dexadine, and aderole.
I don’t snap it becuase that reminds me two much of coke, and I hate, hate coke heads.

Roach: Hmm, lets see… I’ve done all sorts of narcotics, barbituates, uppers, downers,
hallucinogens… I probably smoke most frequently, but I am definately partial to
psychadellic drugs…

Rapid Detox: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Ludwig: 9.

J: 42.

Roach: They would know…

Rapid Detox: What do you guys have out as far as recorded material goes?

J: I’ll let Roach take that one.

Roach: Why does it always gotta be me? Ludwig, take it away…

Ludwig: Ok… A 7 inch (Whatcha Gonna Do?) and two CDs including our newest
one, “Scabies, Lice, and Everything Nice”

Rapid Detox: How did you guys end up meeting?

J: I met Roach laying on the side of the the street with a magnifing glass,
melting toy soldiers when we where in 6th grade. There is a certain bit of irony I guess…

Roach: Yeah, that about sums it up

Rapid Detox: Do you guys get along well?

J: Were two sets of brothers who are pratically brothers to each other….

Roach: So in a word, No.

J: We bitch at each other sure, but we always are there back each other up.
One of those love hate love things, but have always been connected to each other.

Ludwig: Not really…

Rapid Detox: When will Entrophy stop playing?

Ludwig: Never, you’ll be foreced to put up with us forever!

J: When we smarten up, or in better words never.

Roach: Yeah, but much like life and love, you really can’t say that something is gonna
go on forever. So just fuckin’ enjoy it while it last, you know? Wow, that was a
little too deep and I’m a little too blazed…

Rapid Detox: Who killed JFK?

Ludwig: A bullet.

J: Who the fuck cares?

Roach: Everyone knows it was the CIA… Fuck, now that I said it I’m probably a marked man

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