Interview: Lever & Fulcrum, Issue #1

ENTROPHY is one of the shining stars in the Boston punk scene. Aside from playing with such bands as THE UNSEEN and BLANKS 77, they’ve released a CD – “Drinkin’ and Other Punk Rock Clichés”, a tape – “X-77”, and have an upcoming 7” that will be released this summer. You can find out more information on them and check out their music on their webpage –

L&F: What are your names and what do you do in the band?

R: My name is Roach McKrackin, and I do lead vocals & play guitar.

J: I am J. Entrophy, I play bass, do the majority of booking. I try to write songs, but get often bitched out for being emo.

B: Brian and I am the drummer.

L&F: How and when did the band start?

R: I formed the band in ’94 w/ J. Entrophy, out of boredom… and a need to get laid… I’m still bored, but at least I’m getting laid now… and drugs…People in bands get free drugs…

J: It was a funny, I first meet Dave (Roach) melting toy soilders on the street side with a magnifying glass, which in a lot of ways set things up for what was to come. I was in sixth grade at the time, and though he lived across the street we became really good friends. When I was in 8th grade I bought my first bass to join up with some wanna-be Nirvana band, which most teenage boys were doing at the time. Nothing ever went anywhere, thank god. Dave came to me that summer, and asked me to join his “band”. He got the name from his sciance text book, Entropy, but none of us spelled that well, so there was a couple varations of the name and for some reason we ended up with Entrophy. It was a nice testment to the word’s meaning.
If you want to get technical about it Entrophy started praticing in early fall of 94′, our instruments included trash picked drums, a 20 year old accustic guitar, and a 1979 MC series Ibanez bass plugged into what ever make-shift amp we could find at the time.

L&F: How would you describe Entrophy?

R: Loud.

J: The red headed step child that can’t be beaten down enough.

B: A punk rock band who likes to party.

L&F: What do you enjoy about being in a punk band?

R: I enjoy the sex and the drugs… Mostly the drugs (just kidding, Erin)

B: Playing out, the energy at shows, and definitly the partying.

J: Enjoy????? I thought I was supposed to be angsty all the time, and about every thing. I suppose I have justification for blowing all money on shows, music and beer…. it is all part of the business.

L&F: Is this interview turning you on?

R: Yes, it is… I find otters to be a big turn on…. I’m thinking of getting one to add to my collection of odd sex toys…

B: Not really, I don’t have a fettish for interviews, sorry.

J: I’m harder then a gay lap dancer at a steel workers convention.

L&F: What’s a typical Entrophy show like?

R: Loud, Drunk, and Horny

J: A good fuck: hard, fast, loud, harmonious. And if you’re really lucky you may get a fist or two in the face.

B: Everyone is moshing/dancing, usually a lot of people sing along, good clean fun.

L&F: Where do you see the band in the future?

J: Taco Bell, throwing things at each other.

B: Probably playing more shows and going to AA meetings and drug clinics.

R: Well, I should probably answer this one seriously… We’re hoping to do a US tour next summer, so hopefully we’ll get some recognition, ya know? We also wanna put out a follow up to our first CD, “Drinkin’ & Other Punk Rock Clichés” that came out last year. The new CD will hopefully be out sometime before next Christmas.

L&F: What’s the best show you ever played?

B: My favorite show was the one we played in Saratoga Springs, NY in February 1999. The people there were wicked nice to us and we played a good set and had a fucking awesome time partying with them people.

R: Hmm… That’s a tough one… The show we played w/ TOXIC NARCOTIC on May 26 was fuckin’ awesome… I can’t really pinpoint a best show… I always have lots of fun, which is what it’s really all about.

J: They are all the best show I ever played.

L&F: What are your influences?

R: Personally speaking, I like NOFX, BLANKS 77, THE CASUALTIES, DEAD MILKMEN, SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN… I dunno… Lots of bands…


J: I could go on and on. I am firm believer that you should mix music as much as possible. I try to change my musical gears hard, and I don’t care what any may say, punk with opera can be played together with suprising ease. I like (punk) bands the are able to go beyound bull-shit anthems, and have lyrics that show, not tell. DEAD KENNEDYS and CRASS are the best examples of this. Also alot of the bands that I play with and see around Boston like TOXIC NARCOTIC, SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN, THE UNSEEN, etc. I am also very into lyrics and words of TOM WAITS, TORI AMOS, and MORPHINE.

L&F: What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

J: Picked up a red hot electric charcoal starter….. (ever see the movie Home Alone when he puts that thing on front door handle?) Effectively the coolest non-intentional scar in Entrophy.

B: I drove a car threw my garage, and tried putting up christmas lights with tape and they wouldnt stay up because I kept using the wrong side of the tape.

R: I dunno… I’ve done so many dumb things in my life… But you gotta do dumb things to make the smart things seem smarter, right? Hehe, no seriously… I think that making mistakes is just part of the growing process, and they can be used in a positive light…

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