Interview: Bubblegum & Saftey Pins, Issue #1

BG&SP: Who is your band, for all the dumb fucks out there?

Roach McKrackin: Entrophy, of course

BG&SP: Of course… not for me just I’m not gonna re-type this later me being a lazy bastard and all

Roach McKrackin: Hehe

BG&SP: How did it all get started?

Roach McKrackin: Well, it was like ’94 or so and we were really bored, so we just started fucking
around and shit (none of us really knew what the hell we were doing) and slowly but surely we all got
real instruments, and even more slowly and less surely we learned how to play em, and we played in
garages and basements for a few years, and finally played our first ‘real’ show in 1996, and we’ve been
rocking nonstop since then.

BG&SP: What’s ur bands favorite song?

Roach McKrackin: hmm… I dunno… I like most of em… ‘Whatcha Gonna Do?’ has always been one
of my favorites since I wrote it, but lately I’ve been getting really into ‘Criminal Class’ which is sorta
funny, cause when I first wrote it I couldn’t stand it cause I thought it sucked

BG&SP: Do you have any weird fetishes???

Roach McKrackin: Dude, I have never found a fetish I didn’t like… except for maybe scat… I never
really did understand how someone could shit or puke on someone and get off… Did you know there’s
a website where this girl gets off by humping balloons?

BG&SP: Really? Can I have it? or do you not know?

Roach McKrackin: Sure, let me find it

BG&SP: YEAH!!! Give it up for porn!!!

Roach McKrackin: Here ya go:

BG&SP: Thank u man!!!

Roach McKrackin: no prob

BG&SP: How big is ur hawk?

Roach McKrackin: haha, ouch… I actually just trimmed it the other day

BG&SP: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Well…how big?

Roach McKrackin: so now it’s probably only 4 or 5″

BG&SP: NOOOOOO… oh well…

Roach McKrackin: don’t worry, it’ll be back… my hair grows like a bastard

BG&SP: Do u have a name for your hawk?

Roach McKrackin: Nope, can’t say that I do

BG&SP: I named mine Bob

Roach McKrackin: lol

BG&SP: OK for all the sick mutherfuckers, how big is ur wank?

Roach McKrackin: oh man, it’s not that big honestly, but what I lack in size I more than make up for
in skill, if ya know what I mean, but if you must know, it’s about 6″

BG&SP: That’s cool… At least ur honest…And that’s why ur cool

Roach McKrackin: damn right

BG&SP: What’s ur favorite band from the local scene?

Roach McKrackin: hmm, I’d have to think about that one… most of the bands we play with I really
like… the only local bands that are stickin in my mind right now are The Vermicious Knids and The
Young Republipukes (both which are now defunct) but they were the guys we played with all the time
when we were first starting out, but yeah, there are lots of great bands around today

BG&SP: Cool… Who do u hate the most… Besides the poser ass cock sucking assholes…aka The $ellout$

Roach McKrackin: oh man, don’t get me started on those cocksmoking nippledusters

BG&SP: haha

Roach McKrackin: I’m gonna tell it like it is right now… I fucking hate Fork In Hand Records!

BG&SP: haha… and?

Roach McKrackin: I hate The $ellout$ because they’re stuck up snobs who are so full of themselves
that pretty soon they won;t be able to fit through the door cause their egos will be too big

BG&SP: hmmmmm… carry on…

Roach McKrackin: I hate Drexel cause they got all up in my shit trying to accuse me and my crew of
stealing their shitty merchandise, when in reality we were returning the shit those asscocks left on our
bin…. next time I see em I’m gonna punch that curly haired bitch in the fucking face and then steal all
their merch, and write “We stole this from” above the “Drexel” on all their shirts… and I fucking LOATH The Mission 120

BG&SP: HAHAHAHA!!! Who else?

Roach McKrackin: I think their egos are even bigger than The $ellout$, which is pretty ironic, since they haven’t done shit but shit their entire career… I could go on for hours, but that about sums up my biggest grudges at the moment

BG&SP: Who is the most obnoxious band on the scene right now?

Roach McKrackin: obnoxious?? haha, definately us

BG&SP: What was the worst show u ever played?

Roach McKrackin: Well, it’s sorta funny… one of the worst shows we ever played was also one of
the best…

BG&SP: which was….

Roach McKrackin: Hold up, I’m getting to it… Last summer we were playing The Juice Bar in Orleans with Darkbuster, and my friend hooked us up with some EXCELENT acid… Green Wheels if I remember correctly… I had one hit and it was stronger than like 12 hits of Dancing Condoms… So anyway, it was the best acid I’d ever had, and I started going nuts… everything was moving and shit, and then we had to play… So I get up there, and the whole room is packed with people staring at me, and I couldn’t talk, I didn’t remember any words and the only sound I heard from my amp was “WAAAH WAAAAH”… but yeah, we managed to get through our set, and not only that, leave the show and go back down to Marshfield to play a second show that same night… and that night we managed to move more merchandise than we ever had previously and ever have since

BG&SP: wow! amazing

Roach McKrackin: I have it all on video too

BG&SP: Do u ever plan to release an Entrophy video?

Roach McKrackin: as a matter of fact, yes, one is being planned, but I don’t have a definitive answer
as to when it will be released

BG&SP: Sounds cool, how ’bout a DVD?

Roach McKrackin: Maybe someday, we’re not Eminem you know


Roach McKrackin: He just released a DVD

BG&SP: Ahhhhhh he must die… So, why does everyone in Boston hate u guys?

Roach McKrackin: Cause they suck, haha

BG&SP: haha

Roach McKrackin: Actually, not everyone in Boston hates us, it’s more or less like 10 – 20 people
who don’t like us personally, but they have a bigger mouth than anyone in the scene, so hey blow it out
of proportion, but in any case, fuck em!

BG&SP: Haha, any plans for a new CD?

Roach McKrackin: yeah, we were supposed to start recording this month, but it’s been put off
indefinately… don’t worry, it’s in the planning and when it finally does come out, you’ll know it was
worth the wait

BG&SP: Sweeeet

Roach McKrackin: oh yeah, while I’m thinking of it, all the ladies out there, go to and send us a pic of your
boobs with ‘Entrophy’ written on em… We just started the page yesterday and already the response has
been very promising

BG&SP: I’m listening to your CD many miles away from you…Does that give you an erection???

Roach McKrackin: hmm, I dunno, are you naked?

BG&SP: I’m not wearing pants

Roach McKrackin: well, I’m rock solid then, baby

BG&SP: hahaha…me too

Roach McKrackin: Good to know, my wife will be so proud haha

BG&SP: Hahahaha, while we’re on the subject of sexy people such as yourself…How’s it goin with Erin?

Roach McKrackin: oh, just fine, thanx

BG&SP: are u guys married or what…

Roach McKrackin: Commonlaw, my friend

BG&SP: Huh?

Roach McKrackin: She’s my Commonlaw wife

BG&SP: Oh… So elaborate on the tits part of ur site

Roach McKrackin: Well, everyone loves tits, and since Entrophy is the next Poison, we figured we’d
get a head start by having all the lovely ladies out there write Entrophy on their chest and send us a pic :-
)… Man, it’s great to be in a band

BG&SP: Will my band (The Fitchburg Fuckups) ever hope to be as cool as Entrophy???

Roach McKrackin: I dunno, you gotta like drugs, tits and beer

BG&SP: Sounds good

Roach McKrackin: yep

BG&SP: Like to give a shout out to anyone before we end this interview?

Roach McKrackin: Hmm, well, shouts out to you for interviewing us, and I’d like to give props to my boy
Steve in NYC

BG&SP: that all?

Roach McKrackin: hmm, I dunno… No one likes me, haha

BG&SP: me neither

Roach McKrackin: Hehe… Life sucks

BG&SP: Yeah, but there’s always punk rock

Roach McKrackin: yep

BG&SP: Well thank U Roach

Roach McKrackin: ok here’s my final word cause I’m a fuckin’ geek

BG&SP: k

Roach McKrackin: check out the Entrophy website at, come to our shows and buy our shit, cause we’re even more poor than you! Haha, that’s it, thanx alot for the interview

BG&SP: Haha…It’s been a pleasure and a 45 min. erection

Roach McKrackin: I’m sure… L8r

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